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About Us
Our Mission
Our mission is to contribute to better health and comfortable life for people through providing various products, based on our proprietary technologies such as electrospray deposition (ESD technology), to chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and environmental industries.
Corporate Profile
(as of Feb., 2016)
Company Name: Fuence Co., Ltd.
Established: July 18, 2002
Office: Room No.77
Technical Research Institute
Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry (JSPMI)
1-1-12, hachiman-cho, higashikurume-shi, Tokyo 203-0042, Japan (Map)
Phone: +81-42-420-4415
Fax: +81-42-420-4416
Paid-up Capital: 92,518,000Yen
Board of Directors: President & CEO: Kozo Inoue
Auditor: Mitsuo Fujinami
Our Business

- ESD equipments (lab-scale and production-scale) and Nanofiber products -
Our core technologies are:
  • ESD technology, which fabricates nano-structures from various compounds
  • Microfluidic chip technology, which realizes onsite, high-speed and high-sensitivity analytical systems
  • MC technology, which detects protein conformational change in real-time, without the use of the label

Major patents have been already filed or approved, and a lot of know-how were accumulated. Our ESD equipments supplied so far are achieving the success which was not obtained by the conventional technology.

The most serious problem to use ESD technology for industrial production has been scale-up technology. We developed the proprietary high-speed ESD technology and equipment system, which has strong advantages than existing ESD systems. It is already available on the market.

Based on our proprietary technology and products, we have been developing nanofiber products in house, and one of them (polyimide nanofiber) is already available on the market.

Our present business are as follows:

  • The production and sale of equipment products (labo-scale to production scale)
  • Development, production and sale of nanofiber products by ESD technology
  • The development and sale of microfluidic chip products
  • Nano structure development from biopolymers
  • Contract or joint R/D and production based on the above technologies
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