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Technology >> Microfluidic Chip Fabrication Technique
Microfluidic Chip Fabrication Technique
Fuence's Microfluidic chip is a system to analyze numbers of samples and compounds rapidly, sensitively and simultaneously. The main technologies used in this system are the microfabrication technique which creates micro-channels and ESD method which affix proteins.
For conventional microfluidic chip fabrication, it is imperative to affix protein spots onto specific locations within the micro-sized channels while Fuence's ESD technology makes such accurate fixation of proteins to specific locations easy.

ESD method enables proteins to deposit on to the substrate linearly and perpendicularly to the channels. Accordingly, by bonding micro-channels and such substrates, proteins are placed in the correct places within micro-channel as the intersected areas between linearly deposited proteins and micro-channels.
By microfabrication technique, Fuence's Microfluidic chip is equipped with 16 micro-channels of 250µm(Width)x100µm(Depth)x4cm(Length) (protein spotted area: 14mm in length), which makes simultaneous analysis possible. Moreover, since the sample is measured by the system that continuously and simultaneously pumps in 16 channels with an automated syringe pump, various compounds of samples can be analyzed semi-automatically and at the same time
Fuence's Microfluidic chip
Fuence's Microfluidic chip
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