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2. Nanofiber product
We have been developing new various nanofiber products based on our ESD equipments and experience/know-how. The first nanofiber, polyimide nanofiber is already available on the market.
Polyimide nanofiber sheet
Polyimide nanofiber sheet
Major Characteristics and Applications

  • Solvent soluble and commercial production
  • This polyimide is soluble in solvents and can make nanofiber form. It is possible to produce in large-scale by Fuence ESD-1000 system.

  • Resistant to higher temperature
  • This nanofiber can maintain the original high Tg and is stable at higher temperature.
    --> High temperature filter, parts of Lithium ion battery, etc.

  • High thermal and electric insulation performances
  • The thermal conductivity is one-order lower than the film-form, and the original low electrical conductance is kept.
    --> Thin, flexible heat and/or electric insulator.

  • Water-proof and breathable
  • Being different from film-form PI, it can be used as water-proof and breathable material.
    --> Bent-filter, outdoor wear, etc.

  • Flexible and thin membrane
  • The mechanical strength is kept.
    --> It can be used as thin and light-weight materials.
The above characteristics and their values can be changed by using different polyimides. We develop various applications with good partners. Please contact us if you are interested in such business collaboration.
Remarks: While the equipment is designed to perform various ESD tests, not all the results are guaranteed under different experimental conditions. For experiments under specific conditions
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