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Products >> Esprayer High-speed Production Model
Esprayer High-speed Production Model
Esprayer™ ESD-1000
Esprayer High-speed Production Model

  • The new high-speed production system is quite different from the mass-capillaries system
  • The mass-capillaries system, which uses a lot of capillaries, has various problems, such as the complicated maintenance, solvent treatment, production stability and larger system, etc. Our new technology solves these problems, and the spray-speed from one spray-unit, which is comparable to a tens hundred to thousand capillaries, realized under the optimal condition.

  • Safety
  • The use of the mass-capillaries system was restricted to water-soluble materials because of the danger of explosion by electric discharge. The new method can be applied to organic-solvent soluble materials because of the safety design, which strictly keeps the solvent-vapor concentration within the safety level.

  • High quality
  • The quality of products by the mass-capillaries production system had such problems as uneven and/or welded nanofibers, or easy coming off from a substrate material. The new technology realizes both the production of uniform nanofiber and adjustment of the adhesion-strength to the substrate as requested.

  • Diversity and flexibility
  • The multi-capillary system has such problems, too, as time-consuming effort for the change of spray solution, difficulty in long-time continuous operation, too large system, etc. Our new system adopts a system which can change the spray direction freely. The substrate-size can be freely changed, and batch/role-to-role collections are used. The flexibility of the design of a production facility is remarkably improved. Continuous operation can also be possible, and different solutions can be exchanged in a short time. Specification are customized based on user's requests.

  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance is quite easy, because it has a simple structure.

  • Can be used for nano-thinfilms and nanoparticles
  • Not only nanofiber but deposition of nanoparticles, thin films and coating are possible.

  • Customized specification
  • Specification is determined according to a user's purpose and conditions though detailed discussions.

high-speed spray(4.8MB)

Esprayer High-speed Production Model
Polyurethane(PU) and PVDF nanofiber roll sheets of 1.5m width manufactured by Esprayer high-speed production model.

poly vinylalcohol (PVA)

poly acrylonitrile (PAN)

poly vinylidene fluoride (PVDF)


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