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3. Analytical product
Microfluidic chip
16 Channels PDMS Microfluidic Chip
16 Channels PDMS Microfluidic Chip
In combination with the Esprayer Arrayer, the Fuence Microfluidic Chip offers an easy and cost-effective micro volume assay system.
Design of the MicroELISA with the Microfluidic Chip
Scheme of microELISA with the Microfluidic Chip
The equipment is made up of a micro-channel with channels of 250µm(Width) x 100µm(Depth) x 4cm(Length) on a surface of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a substrate for protein fixation, and an automated sample delivery pump system. Proteins are deposited linearly and perpendicularly through the channels onto the substrate by ESD method. By adhering the PDMS microchannels onto the substrate, proteins are placed in the required places within the microchannel as the intersected area and the microfluidic chip is assembled.
Component Parts
PDMS channel, the protein affixed substrate, the automated sample delivery pump
Product Specifications
Components Specifications
Chip Standard slide-glass size
Number of channels 16
Dimension of channel 250µm(Width)x100µm(Depth)x4cm(Length)
Reactive liquid 0.4µl
Number of proteins affixed Under normal conditions 5-20 (adjustable to user’s requirement)
Channel material PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane)
Substrate material ITO glass, or other conductive substrates
*Other specifications on the microfluidic chip system, such as channel numbers, channel size, sample numbers, and/or shapes can be customized.
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Advantages of Fuence microfluidic chip
  • High-speed measurement
  • A small amount of a sample for the measurement
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Simultaneous analysis of multi-samples with multi-proteins by the multi-channel system
  • Easy operation
  • Safe closed system
  • Adaptable to detect colormetric assay, chemi-fluorescence assay, chemi-luminescence assay, MALDI-MS, etc.
  • Minimal reagent amount for experiment, and accordingly minimal liquid waste
  • Biological assay with a minimal sample volume
  • Bedside diagnosis
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Cell culturing
  • Drug screening
High-speed Measurements in a very small amount of a sample
The amount of sample required for an analysis is several µl or less. The time required for the measurement is very much shorter than conventional methods. For example, in the microELISA test using the Microfluidic Chip, the antibody-antigen reaction reaches equilibrium in only 10 minutes, whereas the ELIZA test using the conventional micro-titer plate requires several hours to equilibrate.
Simultaneous Analysis of multi-protein samples with multi-channels
The Fuence microfluidic chip can analyze a number of samples injected into multi-channels simultaneously with 5-20 targeted proteins. The chip is normally equipped with 16 channels, yet our custom-made microfluidic chips can accommodate additional channels for measuring a large number of samples.
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Easy operations with high accuracy levels
The samples can be measured continuously and simultaneously in 16 channels with an automated syringe pump. A number of samples can be analyzed at the same time and semi-automatically with a high degree of accuracy.
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