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esprayer™ ES-2000S esprayer
esprayer ES-2000S
This series have CE-Mark certificate (EU standard) and two models are available.
ES-2000S is the Electrospray Deposition (ESD) equipment which deposits sample on a substrate by the electrostatic force. All operations are easy to apply computer-controlled. The state of spray can be observed on a computer screen by a laser and a video microscope. The scan movement of the XY stage and 2 or 3 nozzles (maximum) enable ES-2000S to deposit fast and homogeneously on the deposition board (200mm x 200mm). This series is used for research and development of very broad applications such as nanofibers, thinfilms, coating, particles and micro patterning, etc.
  • Deposit is made on the space of 200mm × 200mm (max)
  • Spray voltage is 30kv, resolution is 0.1kV
  • Operation is controlled by PC.
  • Syringe volume is 5ml. Glass and Polypropylene.
  • 3 syringes can be used at the same time.
  • Sample-feeding rate is 0.1µl/min - 1000µl/min
  • Automatic shutter works to prevent dropping of sample before and after spraying.
  • Stage motion range XY direction 0.1mm - 200mm
  • Stage motion speed is 0.1mm/sec - 100mm/sec
  • Stage scan-pattern preparation
  • Distance between nozzle and substrate is adjustable in the range of 50mm - 250mm
  • 2 intake/exhaust duct-ports(ø50mm) and exhaust fan.
  • Deposited-sample drying heater is built in substrate.
Product Specifications
Remarks: While the equipment is designed to perform various ESD tests, not all the results are guaranteed under different experimental conditions. For experiments under specific conditions
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